The illusion of Time

statue and a spiral of time

What is Time? Is the time exists?

I do not know how long it will takes for the scientific community to admit publicly that time is not a dimension. Almost everyone is aware of this misconception, but they do nothing. I don’t know why. Maybe because science needs renewal, but for now we do not have the necessary theories and evidence.

The movement is related to changing the location and the shape of the objects. Since they are not accidental, but consequences of causes, then the sum of all the locations and forms of the objects, let us call it “destiny” of the objects. The 4th dimension of the universe is fate (or destiny).

Fate defined in this way encompasses the past, present and future of the objects without even mentioning the word “time”. No minutes, hours, days, months, years, millennia are needed.

Then what is Time?

Time is a perception of object movement or movement in objects. We take a standardized sum of an object’s locations (for example, moving the small arrow in the clock “second to second”) and repeat it indefinitely. This creates minutes, hours, and so on. The sum of the locations of the Earth from a point in its orbit to reaching the “same” point represents one year. Minutes, hours, days, months, years, millenniums – these are things that we have adopted, perceptions of movement by which we compare and measure other movements.

The fact that the “clock” arrow moves differently when it is in space or when it is moving at high speed does not mean that time is running slower or faster. It just happening a change of standardized sum of the locations of our object (the small arrow of the clock). It violates the principle of standardization, for physical reasons. The watch no longer measures our “standardized second”, but more or less than a second.

You also understand that concept of Time, don’t you?

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