The trap of madness

girl and computer

What is madness? What are the mental problems? What are the hallucinations?

Like any of our parts of body, the brain can get traumas and “get sick”. Then there are great deviations in the body’s reactions, in the way of perception from our senses and in the way of thinking and self-awareness.

The worst thing that can happen is some illness which affects the Self. This is when false information is generated in the brain (for example, hallucinations), when correct information is removed from the brain (e.g. amnesia) and when the information in the brain is misinterpreted.

For hallucinations, what can we say? When you observe an object, the photons that enter your eye in the brain cause the dilution of certain groups of neuronal potentials for a certain period of time (while looking at the subject). So, de facto, you are looking with the brain. When the same groups of neuronal potentials are diluted for other reasons, but not for observation of the particular subject, the brain still sees the same as observing the object. What’s the difference? Huge – the object is gone, although you see it. The causes of such hallucinations may be internal to the brain or external.

To be external reasons, it is necessary to apply energy directly to the neurons from an external brain source. To be internal reasons, it will come from something like a “strong” dream while you are awake. It’s easy to say if someone has hallucinations when he is asking the other people whether they see or hear something strange.

And how would we determine whether the causes of hallucination are internal or external? It is necessary to do the tests necessary for the particular case.

When it’s erased some information from the brain, people cannot react. If there is an option to remember, then it is not completely erased, but “recorded” somewhere else, from where you can “call” it back. In amnesia, people can ask others about. Amnesia is a disruption of neuronal connections in the brain.

What happens when information in the brain is misinterpreted? The erroneous interpretation of reality may be the biggest obstacle understanding the universe. Even if you ask others about their interpretation, it may be wrong. And a hundred people to ask, a hundred different things you can hear. In this case, it is totally necessary to explore, analyze and verify reality. This is a way of looking for the truth, otherwise, deep inside you there will always be room for some doubt. When your brain breaks the “causative” awareness of the universe, then you start to interpret reality in the wrong way. The greater the “delusion” the lower the level of awareness will be. In this situation you should not stop searching, you should not give up. Wherever there is a delusion, there will still be gaps, false additions and mistakes in interpretation. So do not stop checking the information you receive through your senses and mind.

Perhaps the most severe forms of disturbed “causal” awareness can be called madness.

But how do you think? Is there even one man who is fully aware of what’s truly happening in reality?

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