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What are dimensions? How many dimensions exist?

If the point is a sphere with an infinitely small diameter, it is located in the three-dimensional space we live in. Then the straight line is in the three-dimensional space. Therefore, all the shapes in the plane are in the three-dimensional space.

Why three-dimensional? Because the existing objects are characterized by length, width and depth. If we do not have one of these components, it means that the object does not exist. Let’s not forget that the point is a sphere with infinitely small diameter. And everything in geometry is made up of points. In my view everything is in the three-dimensional space, which three dimensionality represents a overall dimension of the universe (reality).

But are there other dimensions? Time is not a dimension. It is a perception of movement in space. Is the movement a dimension? To explain the movement, it is necessary to move the objects into our three-dimensional space.

The point can move in a linear direction (the shapes it forms) and can rotate around an axis passing through its center.

Let’s try to move the points in a static line in the direction of this line. Because the diameter of our points is infinitely small, when you attach a force to a piece of line (to a point on the line), the points will not touch each other (nor will they interact) so there will be no movement . It will be necessary to bring force (forces) together to all points and so they will move together. This is the only way to bring in motion a static line (static point) or a static figure or object.

But let us now “revive” our point, let us apply a force to it and turn it around an axis passing through its center. What will happen? Centrifugal forces will emerge that will transform the infinitely small diameter of the point into an extremely small diameter. Centrifugal forces will enlarge our infinitely small sphere – they will make it extremely small. How small? Depends on the power we turn it on.

And do you know which strength is against the centrifugal force? This is the gravitational force. In other words, the true anti-gravity force is the centrifugal force.

But let’s go back to the “living point”. We have revived our point. It no longer looks like an ideal sphere, but we will call it a point. Let’s live the dots in a straight line. Now the line will have a finite number of points – a large number but finite. Let us apply force to a point on the line in the direction of this line. What’s happening? The first point moves by transmitting the movement to the next, and so on. A wave is formed in the line, and after moving the last point, the movement ends and the line moves. What happens if the force applied in the first point is applied continuously or at intervals? At intervals – the line will move at intervals. Permanently – first wave is formed in the line (so-called acceleration) and if the speed is constant, the line will move without any other “waves” in it. These principles are also used to move the circle around the its center.

In addition to the three dimensionality, other overall dimensions of the universe are the movement of the points around its axis (movement of the objects around its axis) and the linear movement of the points (the linear motion of the objects).

So far we have described three overall dimensions. Are there any other? The movement is related to changing the location and shape of the objects. Since the location and shape of the objects is not an accidental thing, but it is due to reasons, then the sum of all the locations and forms of the objects, let’s call it the “destiny” of the objects. Then the fourth overall dimension of the universe is fate. Are there any other?

What is the expression of the movement of reality is the fifth overall dimension of the universe. It is the answer to the question “Why?”. It is “The Cause”. It is the universal law. This “division” of dimensions of reality (universe) is something we do for our sake. The physical world is a whole. A complete dimension, reality and existence.

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