Good and evil

Lion and child.

There are creatures that function, destroying other organisms – such as predators. Their essence is destroying themselves to keep alive. They are not artificially created, they are a successful way of sustaining life. This is one of the many natural paths of evolution. There are beings who live “on the back” of others, but instead of destroying them, they use and enslave them.

If the predator kills the victim and brings it to his young, his family has done good, but the children of the orphan sacrifice and the murder itself are evil. In most cases, there is no common evil or good, but they relate to something. Even some trivial concepts are difficult to categorize quite accurately. For example, if life is good, but a being suffers and suffers constantly, it will be totally evil for him. Do these two concepts really depend on the point of view?

As beings with developed Self, we can realize if we do wrong with our deeds. And what happens when someone deserves it, and you give it to him what he does? Is this good? Why does anyone suffer from your actions and become more embarrassed? This is purely evil. What if someone suffers because of your inaction? I can not think of any common good. Besides, over time, my good intentions can have bad consequences and vice versa.

Good and evil – these are the relationships of certain beings with others in certain circumstances. For an event to be best explored, the subjective opinion about it must be avoided. Otherwise, everyone wants to get rid of the bad situations for him. But if the same “bad” events happen to someone who does not consider them such, then they are not negative for him. So he would have lived with them without protesting. For example, the slave can be reconciled with its part – that is, not to think it bad. The robber also does not “feel” doing something wrong. In this case we have no evil from both points of view. Then is not it bad to slave? Is it possible that you do evil to someone and get it good?

These are some of the misunderstandings that can be created with these concepts. It is best to treat events as mere facts and not to be attributed to them. Only the wisest beings will be able to judge for themselves whether it is good or bad for someone. No wonder I emphasize so much on “elementary things” – they are the most misunderstood these days. They can help build a precise and complete picture of the universe. Otherwise, conditions are created for easy manipulation of awareness and understanding of reality.

The types of relationships between the two beings are: good – good, good – bad, bad – good, bad – bad, good – neutral, neutral – good, bad – neutral, neutral – bad and neutral – neutral. Total 9 in number. Man does good or evil to a being when it affects positively or negatively its existence. In order to evaluate the interaction, a specific case is needed and it is considered in all aspects. It appears that the “purest” and surest way not to harm a creature is the relationship neutral-neutral, there is no mutual influence. No human action can define it as good or evil because it is not known what the effect of the act will be in the future.

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