Infinity and eternity

Archer in space.

Let us ponder what it was before we were born? Return to your mind time back with a few, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of years. Now compare this to our lives.

I have to say that I will speak on behalf of my physical body, without considering the existence of a “spiritual essence”.

Where have I been before I was born? What have I been? Have I been? From the point of view of my physical nature, I have no memory of being. I do not even see small indications of having existed. My Self is a reflection of the conditions my life goes through and my genetically inherited body.

A few years before I was born? Maybe I’m getting ready for my appearance? Of course I did not exist again, and my universe was almost in the same position as it is now. Well, billions of years ago? Well, no one has ever imagined that I was going to be born, and I was (physically, I have never been anything) in a state of “blissful” non-existence. And if I “return the tape” infinitely back, it will come out that I have been in such a state forever until there is a cosmic moment when I come to light and start to exist for a certain time. And now Hamlet can ask the question of “being or not being”. You can not make this decision before your birth. If our bodies knew what was waiting for them and could choose, would they want to “be”? The dilemma might be even greater.

Why do you exist for a while, provided you will not have it forever? We are hardly born, we die hard, sometimes we live hard … I hope that someday the man’s torments are reduced to little or no. But on the other hand, they have taught me many things about reality. Was there another way? Perhaps … or not … no.

Whether we look at ourselves, will we know eternity? It is grounded in the reasons for our existence. The events of her own, viewed separately, seem insignificant. We are created from eternity, we are part of it and we build it. Of course, this principle is valid for everything that exists, not just for us.

The fact that we have appeared on Earth at a certain time is not a lucky chance, but an inevitability. We would not be the same if we were born elsewhere or years ago. It would not have been at all. The idea “If I was born where you are or what you are” is paradoxical. We are the consequences of certain events that are at the root of our existence at the present time. It even seems that we are all of these circumstances.

Before we were born, we were not “waiting for the order to come”. For what is not, but is about to form, and ten billion years are insignificant. Even eternity in this case is nothing. In such a state we will “fall” after we rest. But what is eternity? An infinity?

These are extremely interesting concepts and ideas. What are their axes in the coordinate system called universe? I will think about them purely physically and realistically.

Let’s have our existence as a starting point and begin to put things back in time. In the one case, if the universe was always on the move and similar to its present appearance, it means we will never be able to “go all the way” to the past. Ie. with such an idea of ​​it, we would not exist because our order would not come. Such notion of eternity is paradoxical and unreal. Let’s look at the other case. Turning things back, we come to a moment when the universe flashes and suddenly disappears – there is no movement, but there is a complete, uniform and peaceful rest as we continue on. So going back to the past as much as we want, the result will always be the same. This is the real eternity. Here, one step (a year) backwards or a billion of them are the same as moving constantly in that direction without stopping. We can do as much as we want steps at once – no difference. Thus from our starting point – our birth, we come to the other fundamental moment – the beginning of the existence of the universe in its present “energy-moving” kind. Perhaps someone will ask, “How long did the universe have been in this state?” In that case, there was no time at all. But that does not mean that his value was “zero”. The variable itself did not exist. Eternity and timelessness are the same thing.

Now let’s have our existence as a starting point and start moving things forward. In the first case, the universe remains similar to itself and in motion at each step, i. no matter how much we continue, the result will never be the same because of constant changes. The specificity here is that the number of moves we make forward will always be the end, and we can not say that there will be an endless number of steps. Let us suppose that one who will be born after countless moves ahead of time. Because we make the steps one at a time, and each follows from the previous one, it appears that this person will not be born. Thus we will always have the extreme, not the infinity, and we can not talk about eternity. In the second case, the universe “one day” reaches the state of rest that I mentioned above. In this sense, it can be said that man was born in eternity before he was born, and after he died, he would go there again.

Now let’s look at infinity. We can physically define it as quantity, sequence, geometric characteristics, and even quality. Originally, this concept has begun to serve quantitative tasks and questions in man. We have already shown that counting can not go to infinity, ie. the given set can not be captured. The same is the order. This is also the case with geometric measurement. For quality – means, for example, the impossibility of measuring the physical parameter. And are there infinities in our real universe?

Let’s take our location in space as a starting point and choose any direction. Let us take a certain distance in the selected direction at each step. Let’s say a person is at an infinite distance from us in the same direction. So no matter how many steps we make, we will never get to it. But not being able to get to it does not mean it is gone. Our movements towards him are not the reasons for his existence. With this example, we have actually considered one of the infinite possibilities of the universe. In the other case, after making a number of steps in our direction, we reach a limit that prevents us from moving forward or continuing, we sit in one place. When there is any limitation on our way, we can always mentally go into it and beyond. This means that even if we reach an end of space, it will not be the end of the universe. So it looks like it’s infinite. And the cosmos? Physically, can we reach a place where everything is made up of something that is a frontier? From what kind of matter will this barrier be built? This, I think, can happen if our cosmos “lives” in something like a huge “bubble” in an infinitely large “universal” black hole. In truth, this strange idea splendidly explains the “escape of galaxies” in cosmology.

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