The nature of Self


If we trace the psychological characteristics of the animals – mouse, cat, dog, monkey, man, what will we find? It is clear that with the development of consciousness, the being becomes more and more clever (able to solve certain problems) and more conscious. How long can this development process continue?

As a result of the development of consciousness, his substructure also appears – the Self. He endured immense and constant changes. The Self is extremely flexible. Its change is an end to the old one, which is the beginning of the new. Our old Self is dying and the new one is born. This cycle is repeated constantly.

When does this process begin? The emergence of the Self occurs when the child first appears the idea that It is something separate from the whole. The child begins to realize that his body is not related to other objects around and can manage it alone. Then the child first felt his personality. The loss of Self happens when the idea disappears that we are something separate from the whole. This can happen before physical death.

Finally it is important to note that some animals also have some primitive form of Self.

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