Some of my Quora answers

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I decided to post here some of my answers to questions of people in Quora.

Why don’t we desire wisdom?

Because it’s not easy. People have to make many choices in their life. It’s more easier to live with your basic concepts (like family, job, relatives, food, water, sleep) than thinking, observing and understanding the reality.

What do you think people are missing in order to live a fulfilling life?

They are missing to look into themselves – how they feel, are they happy, are they satisfied. Most people concentrate on appreciation from others. That’s so wrong. If anybody in your job tells you are the best, but you are not happy there, is this a fulfilling life?

Could something that comes into existence be eternal?

I think the answer is No. Everything that has begging, it has end. Everything which is moving someday comes to its end. Only the things which are constant and non-variable over time, are eternal. But these things never came into existence, they just existed forever.

Will humans ever find satisfaction?

The satisfaction is something like the peace. It’s not in our living dynamic nature. It’s not helpful for us as living beings. So I think humans never will find satisfaction. They need to look for new feats every time when they reach their goals. That’s the way they are keep living.

Why are humans so inclined to collect things?

That is something like addiction. If you begin ones, you want more and more. When you get something, your brain tells you “it’s awesome” and makes you feel very good. You like that feeling and begin to seek it again.

In the social psychology there is some principles that motivate people to do things. One of them is the principle of consistency. When someone decides to do something and binds with him, further through his actions he will want to keep this vision of himself. Because the people like to be consistent. There are many examples and explanations of this behavior.

After birth, what is the most important achievement for a human to achieve?

Achieving things is not good point for living. The most important goal is to find the best way to live. To feel good in your family, in your job, and in this site for example – that’s your “golden achievement”.

Are humans really built to be happy?

Of course not. We are not exception from the nature. Some being are happy all their life. But others are doomed to grief and suffering. It’s a pity and unfair but what can we do?… It’s hard to talk about it…

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