Women Who Run with the Wolves. Conclusions


These are some conclusions I managed to do after reading the book “Women Who Run with the Wolves” of the author Clarissa Pinkola Estés. These helpful tips can help women to live a better life.

As a man I can say that this book has helped me to have a better understanding of women. I recommend it to everyone familiar with Carl Jung’s psychology – both men and women.


1. The woman should not hide her desires, longings, works, and pretend to be insensitive, barren and without opinion, because that is a difficult way of life. But she has to be careful not to become addicted to anything!


2. The woman occasionally has to return “home” – her wild unconscious essence of instinctive (natural) emotions, longings, dreams, thoughts. During this time there should not be any distractors around her (such as friends, children, husband).

Two women

3. The woman must reveal her best-kept secrets to someone she has instinctively most trust in. She should not keep the secret that tortures her.


4. The woman should be guided by her intuition and trust it.


5. A woman should not stop uses her creativity. And she must always like and respect what she has created.


6. When for a long time the woman has been deprived of her creative power and suddenly if this hunger begins to satisfied, it can cause insane devastating states of endless and meaningless satisfaction of long-held needs. This happens because she is afraid that the previous creative hunger will come again if she stops.


7. Feeding the female sense of control is a mandatory condition for her mental health.

Girl in the wood

8. The first female impression is most accurate. The woman must fully trust it. The little negative thing that stands out on the overall beautiful pink background is not for underestimation and neglect.


9. Female sexual laughter (female dirty stories) is a great way to treat the depression that women experience in some situations.

Girl with book

10. When a woman is exhausted about one of her ideas, she needs rest. She can throw away small parts of her main idea, and so her creative energy will go back.

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