The beauty of female body


The concept of “Women are the most beautiful things in the universe” is very popular. But why is that so? Why people agree with that opinion? Is it true?

Well, obviously men were created that attitude. I am man too and I can say the same thing: “There isn’t anything more beautiful than the woman!” And for me this is total true.

What exactly makes the female body so beautiful for men? Sure, that is its meaning. The female body is the biggest factor for men’s reproductive. It is the most constructive thing for him.

There isn’t an objective beauty. Whether you will like something depends on how constructive influence it causes on you. For example, when you are watching at some natural view, it looks beautiful because you can live well there, in peace and balance with the environment.

I’m sure, according to men, there is nothing more beautiful than the female body. But what is the most beautiful thing according to women?

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