How “Normal” Are You?

Man on a peak.

Тhis is my own poll. With it you can explore yourself to find out how different you are from others. You have symbols that appear one after the other. Complete the poll by marking one of the possible answers for each symbol. You have to express your preference. The possible answers are: “Dislike very much; Dislike; Neither Like nor Dislike; Like; Like very much”. Your answers are automatically compared to those of the control group, which increases over a certain period of time. Be part of this process! I highly appreciate every participation.

Do the poll:

How “Normal” Are You?

Direct link:

The results:

Different                                                                         Normal
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
0                    10                    21                    32                    42

From 0 to 10 define you “Very Different”.

From 11 to 21 define you “Different”.

From 22 to 32 define you “Normal”.

From 33 to 42 define you “Very Normal”.

11 thoughts on “How “Normal” Are You?

    1. Different                                                                         Normal
      — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
      0                    10                    21                    32                    42

      From 0 to 10 define you “Very Different”.

      From 11 to 21 define you “Different”.

      From 22 to 32 define you “Normal”.

      From 33 to 42 define you “Very Normal”.

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  1. It seems i’m very normal – 35.

    Somehow i doubt that. The test compares what i like to other what other people like… it does not compare WHY i like or dislike certain symbology.

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    1. You are right! It only comperes. But it shows pretty reliable your attitudes towards trivial things.

      I also made a high score (about 30). Many times my own opinions and preferences match those of most people. That’s how I can predict some social behavior or elections.

      Your very high score is very unlikely to be done by chance. I am sure if I have to survey the people about something (for example a commodity on the market) your answers can save me finding minimum 100 people. So you have very high “prediction coefficient” (if I can say that).

      Agree it does not compare WHY you like or dislike certain symbology. But I can do it when I have your all answers on paper. It’s not so easy. I did it a couple of times. Then the procedure is to see which symbols differ greatly from the answers of others and to guess why. Most of times my assumptions are right.

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      1. You must have a high ‘intuitive coefficient’ to guess right most of the time. 😉

        During the test i made deliberate effort to notice my personal prejudices and to try to not let them influence my choice ( well, not let them be my ONLY influence!) The swastika, for example, where i come from many associate it with Nazi-ism and so detest it while i know it precedes the use by Hitler and was often a positive symbol. I chose ‘like’ in that case.

        I think i am not so ‘normal’ because of my tendency to not follow ‘mainstream’ thinking if there is any reasonable choice.

        I do not drink Coca Cola, for example, purely because of it’s mass world wide consumption. people drink it without thinking, without ‘free’ choice.

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        1. Yes, I have very high ‘intuitive coefficient’. 😀

          I don’t drink Coca Cola too. I don’t eat products with sugar and flour. I’m quite different from other people in terms of behavior but I have high score too.

          Again, I agree with you. This test compares what you like to what other people like. But it doesn’t say in what way you differ from them. Here we can only interpret. For now I don’t have scientific or psychometric evidence.

          This is my interpretation:
          This test doesn’t compare behavior, but learned attitudes (social and individual).
          If you have other suggestion, I will be glad to see it.

          But wait a minute, i feel that my poll insults you as saying “You are very Normal”? 😀

          So if you are not happy to be “Normal”, drawing on this fact, I can say you “You are abnormal.” 😀
          (I am kidding)

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        2. Thank you! 🙂

          That was quite good intuition. 🙂

          I think such tests are accurate in terms of showing a fair representation of groups of people – the ‘sample’ size, however some individual subjects may seem to fit in one category but might have differing feelings to those in the overall category they fall into. 🙂

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