Believer or atheist?


Hi! I have a questions for you. 🙂
What exactly do you mean with “atheist”?
And how do you think: Can we define what is God?
I think if someone is researching the reality as “believer” or “atheist” will do nothing. It will be not objective.

Dimitar Galchev

Hi Dimitar
Thank you for your question and your interest in ‘Understanding Reality –THE GODLESS DILEMMA.’

By “atheist”, I mean someone who does not believe that the highly intelligible universe has any need for a highly intelligent Creator.

John Davidson

Well, this conversation provoked me to think about what is the difference between intelligent and non-intelligent creation of our Universe. What actions are intelligent? The choices which we make are intelligent, right? What if our choices are predetermined – just like the Earth’s orbit? Then the shadow of doubt is descending. Maybe an “intelligent” action doesn’t exist in our reality. But the “human” action exists. Some people are seeking some human-like God…

Nevermind. I am a reality researcher – like many of you. If I am a “believer”, it will be very difficult for me to reach the truth, because I must believe without seeing, touching, hearing, realizing. If am an “atheist”, then I will be blind for the possibility of existence of more complex and higher organized systems than me. Both options are not good for the truth seekers.

Choosing the middle path – to be open-minded for every possibility – will make you good reality researcher. If you focus entirely on the visible aspects of the universe, maybe someday will find the true nature of reality.

Last but not least, I respect all believers and atheists! I really respect your path! You are priceless human beings and deserve happiness!

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