The beauty of music

girl with guitar

The music we like is composed of sounds whose tact must necessarily have a pattern of repetition. If the tactic is constantly changing without a model, then we will definitely not like it. But why is that so?

Hearing perceptions are similar to visuals. If you hear in a music tact that has a pattern of repetition, your brain will begin to create conditions to form neural connections that will be the expression of the repetitive tact. So after a while, you can “hear” a song in you without listening to it. So, you already have sympathy for the music you are listening to.

Once the tact has fully formed into your brain, listening to the music is as if you are experiencing a memory. It’s like looking back on a landscape you’ve ever seen. It’s like they’re making you a massage that they’ve done before. You feel it as something familiar, something of yours, something part of you. Thus the music is acting you constructively. That way, the music becomes beautiful.

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