Creation of matter

Abstract matter

How have the infinitely small points turned around their axis?

Before the infinitely small points were routed (the creation of matter), the past, present and future were the same and indivisible. There was no time, there was no movement. This was eternity – where 1 second and 1 million years have the same meaning. So these notions are meaningless notions for the period of eternity.

Eternity does not mean infinity. For eternity infinitely long time and zero time (timelessness) are the same thing – meaningless notions. The question “how long was the period of eternity” is illogical, because there is no movement, no time. The word “Eternity” is not the most appropriate for this period. The word “Timelessness” is more appropriate, and it is best to use “Rest”.

The universe has two states: Rest and Movement.

The period of rest is characterized by the two things we know less – infinity and total peace. The tending to equilibrium is also there. But something is missing…

The infinitely small forces among the space ocean are capable of bringing the infinitely small points into motion, but the characteristic of the Will is required. What is the cause of this Will and who is its source? Is not the tending to equilibrium in the universe when it was in the period of Rest? Then the universe was between the state of existence and non-existence. The very universe in this period can be regarded as something that exists and not exists at the same time. It is something made up of two kinds of substances – infinitely large matter with infinitely small density, in which there are infinitely many points that are equally concentrated, infinitely small and have infinitely large densities each one separately, as around each point has infinitely small forces whose potential action is permanent and inexhaustible.

Who then said “to be light”? Perhaps the answer lies in the infinitely small point surrounded by infinitely small forces. Maybe there is the “Will” we are looking for? Or is there something out there, for which we have no logic and no observation?

Here’s one of the options for what happened:

The universe was in the state of existence and non-existence. We have looked at this situation above. In this condition, besides the characteristics described, the universe possessed this characteristic, which we are looking for – “god”. How and in what way it expressed, we can only guess.

The next period comes when the “Will” (God) makes part of the infinitely small points to be finite by rotation of them. Something like “Big Bang” happens, because the newborn finite points „thrown away” each other and generate enormous forces. Thus comes the present state of existence of the universe and the non-existence of the Will. With this action, God does the divine deed – sacrificing himself for the present universe. He ends himself to start everything in the universe.

Why is he doing it? Why did he make such a decision? Who knows … Maybe he just applied a true divine free Will and made a real free divine choice? But above all that is just another God Hypothesis. But we need to concentrate on reality which we can explore.

The very fact that not all infinitely small points are rotated means that they have selectivity rotated, and not because of some general universal principle. There seems to be intelligent (or strong-willed) intervention.

The tending to equilibrium represents the sacred life-giving force that manifests itself everywhere and in everything. It has no beginning. It exists forever alongside the space ocean and the infinitely small points. It is the natural consequence of the existence of the space ocean and the infinitely small points. The “recipe” for the existence of the universe is: an infinitely large matter with an infinitely small density (space ocean), among which there are infinitely many, infinitely small matters with infinitely large densities (infinitely small points). But from our point of view it looks like a state between existence and non-existence. Expansion of infinitely small points to finite ones changes things a lot. The tending to equilibrium rules the matter. Finite points are not part of the entire infinite system of infinitely many points. Once they become finite, they are already separated from the total infinite system and “live a separate life”, driven entirely by the tending to equilibrium.

This concept can be used for creation of very realistic virtual reality. I’m sure that it will work perfectly, because there would be all kinds of forces (+gravity). Maybe the “Equilibrium Theory” is the future “Theory of Everything”. Time will tell.

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