The levels of consciousness

nature with eyes

Can matter be self-conscious? If so, why is this happening? What is the principle?

As a result of the universal law, the finite particles form finite material structures. These structures are built, maintained and developed thanks only to this universal law. It seems that the particles are somehow self-organizing, but this is only apparent. Matter is just a material on which certain forces work. But there comes a moment when a thinking being appears with consciousness, which is an expression, and even a manifestation of this universal law.

The matter at a time has grown so much in the mind that it has begun to become self-conscious. It begins to understand that it is a particle structure and that it is controlled by physical laws. Consciousness is dilution of neuronal potentials. It is the universal law in action, manifested in real conditions, in the brain. This law is the cause of any movement of material structures in our reality.

The big question comes – is the universal law manifested in other material structures conscious? Is it not high time science to accept that there are different levels of consciousness? Will we ever assume that everything in the universe holds consciousness at a certain level? What do you think?

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