In our brain, as in the universe there is order. We have a collection of concepts, these, understandings, memories, assumptions, feelings, etc. When we get some information, if we can not check it, we put it in the middle of our brain and see if it fits with the rest or contrasts. We can do this unconsciously. This method of investigation and verification can be called intuitive. Our actions based on this method are intuitive.

For example, if a serious scientific source tells us that they have seen with a very powerful telescope that space-giant cities are galaxy-sized, what would you think? Or that the Earth is flat? No matter how serious the source is, you will almost be sure that these are nonsense. What’s more – you will accept them as nonsense. Why? Just because these things will not fit into the whole “picture” that you have built up in the brain. This, of course, is not indicative of the truthfulness of things.

Once people have initially rejected the idea that the Earth is round by intuition. Just the way they were thinking and the knowledge they held were at that level. Today’s logic has once been fantasy. Not that people were more stupid, just the set of knowledge and experience were such that the more logical thing was that the Earth was flat.

Rejecting things intuitively is not a good approach. And taking them intuitively is it good? If you have built up a system of nonsense in your brain and you are given such a stupid idea, you will immediately accept it. This action will “dash you further down” on the understanding and realizing of the universe.

It’s best you do not take things intuitively. Always check, research, analyze.

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