Dream control

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What is sleep? What does lucid dreaming mean? What can we learn about the universe through sleeping?

When we fall asleep, we are largely stopping to receive correct information about the universe through our senses. At the same time, the body (without the eyelids) is paralyzed, thus blocking the spread of the brain-generated pulses on the muscles of the body. The brain, like our heart, does not stop working. Our consciousness, like the heart, does not stop activating the dilution of the potentials of certain neuronal groups. This creates a dream.

When we sleep, everything is happening in the present, because when we think of a past or a future, it immediately forms in our sleep. What we think at that moment – it is our dream. This is the reason we have no idea about ​​the time when we are sleeping. It is the living of life only in the present, in other words, the past, present and future is the same thing – a current expression of consciousness.

On the other hand, our consciousness is a dilution of neuronal potentials. What does (activate) neuronal potentials during sleep?

 Whoever works on a production line, knows that in the evening as he’s going to sleep he continues “working” in his dream (and maybe that’s happen all night). Clearly, with the repetition of one and the same thing, are formed quite persistent neural connections, through which the “brain rhythm” passes over and over again.

The robust neural links of the “robotic” action correspond to the information in our senses about this action, along with the brain response to our muscles. During the day we performed the action again and again, we have built such neural connections in our brain to automate the action.

When we are severely sick, the disease and constant suffering of the body during the day forces our minds on the same painful paths during sleep. Disease itself does not stop affecting while we sleep. Here we have almost the same process as the “production line”.

What happens in the general case when we sleep “normally”? Then we can dream of things that have excited us during the day, people of everyday life, things very desirable. But we can also dream things that we have not thought or thought for a long time, things we would never do while we were awake. What is the mechanism in this case? Which causes the specific neuronal groups to activate in the brain? It certainly does not happen “at random”. Sometimes dreams are so odd and detached from your nature that you are wondering “where did I get such a dream.”

While you are dreaming sometimes you can realize that you are dreaming (the so-called “Lucid dream”). Then, for a while, you can design your dream in whatever direction you consciously want, mainly through “visualization.” Unlike wake-up visualization, this will be entirely realistic.

When I realize that I’m dreaming most of the times I’m starting to fly because the feeling is good. Somehow I experience acceleration of “flying.” In my first lucid dreams I learned to fly. Then I began to want to rise higher and higher above Earth. It was a very difficult task. Later I learned to rise a bit. I realized that only my desire to rise above the ground could not lift me. I needed to visualize somehow the elevation. So I began to imagine that I was seeing the object above which I was rising, smaller and smaller (the same picture if I looked at the object from higher and higher). The effect in my dream was that I was rising higher and higher. I’m not sure if I would have done it before I boarded a plane and saw how the objects are getting smaller when I rise higher.

Tell me about your lucid dreams. What is the first thing you do when you realize that you are dreaming?

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