Meaning and nature of the numbers

child with book

What are the numbers? Why are the numbers 0 to 9? Do the numbers really have a sacral meaning?

The number from a physical point of view is an expression of a given quantity or sequence. If the numbers have a sacral meaning, then it means that the quantities or sequence have sacral meaning. If we are looking for a sacredness in them, then we have to be abstracted from how they are written and in what number system they are used. We need to concentrate on the quantity and sequence they express.

Zero (0) expresses the lack of quantity, and One (1) – the presence of something whole and finite, which will serve us as the reference quantity. Two (2) is composed of 1 + 1 (reference and another one that is equal to it). Three, four, five, and so on, are the same way. It is here to note that the point (the sphere with an infinitely small radius) can not serve us as a reference quantity, because it does not seem to be subject to geometrically specifying and can not be counted.

Zero (0) as a sequence precedes One (1), but also before “first” there is nobody – because of this it is “first” and starts the series. Two (2) is after One (1) and is “second” and so on. Sacrality may need to be searched in both sequence and quantity of numbers.

The number physically, from a geometric point of view, means a distance from a specific point taken as a start. Thus One (1) will represent our etalon distance, Two (2) will be 2 times the etalon distance from the start, and so on. And in this direction we can think of sacrality .

The number 1 /one/ means integrity, etalon and beginning (starting point). This is the greatest number of all. It stands and controls all others. It tells how to look the other numbers, guides them with his laws and principles.
The number 2 /two/ means a structure of something, dependence on number 1 /one/, and non-etalon. It means the relevant stage of something or event.
All other numbers are similar to 2 /two/.
We associate odd numbers with 1 /one/ and the even with 2 /two/.

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