Living in a programmed matrix?

Earth and moon

Is someone “playing” us?

At first glance, we have a universal law that covers everything that exists – the whole universe. In addition, everything is predetermined. It can then be assumed that we undoubtedly live in a matrix, an illusion. But is this true? Our reality is definitely not an illusion. There is movement and it can not be fake. Whatever it is, there is movement, there is life.

The whole universe is like a matrix, but not like “The Matrix” movie. The material that builds our lives is basically a homogeneous and uniform substance. If there is something outside the matrix, it means to exist outside the physical reality. It must not be part of the universe and not obey its law.

If physical matter is “externally” created by a “programmer” as a simulation or project, the question arises – why is there no external interference with this “simulation”? At least the programmer would have been observing his creation, necessarily influencing our reality. We would have noticed that.

Is the creation part of the “programmer”? Is there some ongoing interaction with him? If so, then physical matter should be “created internally”. In this case, the observation of the physical reality by the “developer” can not be detected. But here comes the main question – why does not it interfere? Can he intervene at all? If he could intervene, would he stand to observe the torment and suffering of his creation impartially? And if he knew the future of his creation before that, would he not model it without the unbearable pain and suffering of some beings?

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