The meaning of life

girl in the wood

The physical meaning of life is obviously life itself – to live. The purpose of life is to live. Why does the universe exist? Because there is no option not to exist. To embrace the whole meaning of life means that all the reasons that determine it must be discovered. This is impossible because it means to discover everything, because everything is connected in the universe.

And what is the purpose of life? Knowing the purpose means knowing what will happen in the future. What will surely be – that’s the real purpose of whatever it is. If I say “my goal was to become rich” and I’ve been poor all my life, then my life’s purpose was to stay poor and not get rich.

Partly we can understand the meaning of our life and what its purpose is. But at first and foremost, we can say that the meaning and purpose is to live.

Should I be afraid that I will not physically exist forever after I die, just as I did not exist before I was born? Why should I be afraid of the inevitable? Why reject it? The end will come just like the beginning – I will not be able to oppose. If it is inevitable, it is part of my fate and my being. Why am I afraid of myself? Why am I afraid of one of my goals?

We constantly change ourselves. Our old consciousness is constantly dying and giving birth to our new one. Think about the child you were before – this child no longer exists. Yes, it has changed so much to say that it is totally gone. When we die, just our old consciousness does not give birth to a new one. This is physically the death from the point of view of consciousness – something extremely tolerable and hassle-free. But from the point of view of the body, things will not be so – it will be a little harder, just as with the birth of this body.

We can say, “What is the meaning of my life, if it is predetermined?”. Well, the point is to experience it. Yet, being destined means it will happen, thus fulfilling the law of the universe that is inevitable.

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