The Laws of Destiny

sea and sky

Is everything predetermined? Do we have a choice? Or are we going on a well-drawn path?

If we begin to look at the processes and actions that take place around us, we will see that absolutely every action is the result of some reasons that follow others, and so on. Everything is predestined in the universe. But how? There is no way to answer with 100% accuracy, as the factors that affect the future are more than a physical being can encompass. Thoughts are also predetermined. Everything is predetermined, but nobody knows 100% exactly how. Perhaps only the very universe, if it is a rational being, knows everything.

The Bulgarian saying is true: “If it is written to drown you will not hang yourself.” Yes, but if you do not know what it is written for you, it makes no sense to try one to understand your fate, does it? People who see far in the future can use their knowledge to manipulate and shape the picture of fate in some way. This does not mean that they change the “written” – they are just part of the plan of fate and become one of the reasons for the event they want to challenge. But in general, their desire to manipulate the future in a given direction is a consequence of other factors that affect their thoughts.

So it seems that we have no right to free choice. Always every action, every thought, every movement is caused by factors that act as reasons. The nature of life, the movement itself, is organized in this way. When deciding whether to choose or not, our decision is also dictated by various factors. As nothing can happen “on its own”, so you can not choose “just like that” without your choice being influenced by certain factors that have been combined to make your decision.

Yes, we are walking on a well-drawn path, but the drawing is not physically visible. Yes, everything is “written”, but in such a way that nothing is completely understood by looking at it.

People often ask themselves “why me?”. Can they blame the fate for what is happening to them. Yes, as physical beings, they can! But it also means denying themselves because their essence is the living consequence of those things that happen to them. They are the self-conscious matter. Matter is a reflection of the happening things that shape it. People are self-conscious of what’s happening (both “good” and “bad”).

Unfortunately, some beings are destined to torture more often than others while they are alive. It is a pity, but it may be good. The good thing is that you do not know what is “written” for you, you should not lose hope. Maybe the pains will disappear after some time. That everything is predetermined does not mean you just have to “lie and wait.” It may be written to “lift mountains”.

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