Knowledge and wisdom

A man watches a beautiful landscape.

It’s hard to start sharing anything without being sure I will be understood. Without knowing that you are interested in what I want to introduce to you. Without being sure this will serve you in the future.

There is so much disinformation in the world. This is because you can not say that something is not true, because you have come from the fact that you have not seen, heard, touched, understood. How do you say something does not exist when it is not subject to research? Instead, let’s concentrate on the things we see and hear. Let’s get them to prove they are true. Through them, you can get to the truths that are right for you. So you will not waste your time in vain.

Is there a way to save ourselves from false information if we concentrate only on the true one? Can something definitely be accepted as absolutely true?

When I was a little I often dreamed. Besides, I thought that, no matter how fantastic it looked, there was a great deal of probability to achieve it. Everything my head could give birth to me was possible. I was most attracted by the idea of ​​having the knowledge of everything. I felt a great hunger for answering the many questions raging in me. Then, for the first time, I bowed to KNOWLEDGE. From a small moment I realized that this is priceless.

KNOWLEDGE is like a treasure that is buried somewhere, and everyone individually must find it if it wants to own it. Explore the world with all your senses and analyze it yourself. Only in this way can hard conclusions be drawn. All other cheeks and conclusions are subject to interpretation and sifting, consideration and discussion. Under no circumstances should you be considered to be true if you have not come to them on the basis of your own research and reasoning.

WISDOM is something else – it is the way to KNOWLEDGE. It is everywhere around us. Through it, universal truths can be reached. Protests that are not realized by the brain will never be accepted by the psyche as real. My purpose is to tell you how you can explore and explore the universe by working with your whole being.

My wish is to help develop the worldview. Possession of knowledge without understanding will only help if someone wants to be a living bearer of information. Through deep and comprehensive insights into the universe, it is easy to find the answer to every question that has arisen. On Earth, we are currently being thrown into the oceans by false information. Sometimes it does not tolerate understanding, but on the contrary it is muted.

Through KNOWLEDGE, will you acquire a “more faithful” philosophy of life than that of most shepherds, for example, who, besides their sheep, know otherwise? No, there is no – and they are walking along one of the ways of WISDOM. So, I will not offer a “unique” universal way of life. But I can help find answers to the questions that one asks. Knowledge becomes yours when you come to your own conclusions, that is, you have proven your theory, or you have made a theory based on your own research and observations.

All eternity has passed before we are born in this flesh and perhaps an infinite time will pass after our body perishes. Definitely we are the children of infinity, in which, for a certain moment, we have the opportunity to be on Earth in this material form. Do you think it is important how we live our days here?

The stone, for example, has no choice to become a creature with reason – it is unreasonable all the time. Man has an alternative – to be like a piece of rock or to stay as a conscious individual. He has to decide if he will go along the “thorny path” because if he fails, he is also likely to be taken away from the possibility of living like a stone. That way, you can spend your days in difficulties, torments and big mental delusions. Be careful not to drown in the fountain of wisdom – our unusual and mysterious reality. Most people feel when they will not be able to bear this difficult road. Then they make a decision even if they do not think about the “hard questions”.

Who is wiser – the one who thought he would not be engaged in exploring the universe and reality, because he would not do it or the one who thought he would succeed and went looking for KNOWLEDGE? In this case both types of people are extremely wise and deserve respect for their choice. The lives of both, and the others, are equally important and valuable.

We have developed to such an extent that we can understand extraordinary things about the universe. Evolution has created consciousness. In turn, it has adapted to certain conditions and the Ego has formed as part of the overall system of psyche. Consciousness is physically dilution of neuronal potentials in the brain. Its location is not very accurate because it extends to some extent in the body. Neurons are not only grouped into the “gray matter,” but the brain is the main “bearer” of the psyche.

It seems that the Ego is “born” much later by the body and consciousness and is much more flexible. It also represents a system of dilution of neuronal potentials. It seems that its frequent and significant changes are an indication of his constant dying and birth. But on the other hand, it is part of the consciousness and may have evolved alongside it, not later. Why should a cat, for example, not have any form of self? And everything seems to be there.

What is the Self? The choice to call this is not a random one, ie. is not “you” or “us”. He has an idea of ​​himself as something separate from the environment he is exploring through his senses. He realizes that his body is his only and that he controls it. The intelligent self understands that he was born in a flesh that is transient. If he is even more developed he can understand even more complicated things.

With the advent of the brain, consciousness also arises, and along with it – the Self. I think if, in the future, man is destined to possess something more, he already has it in some primitive form. But when it develops enough, it will be able to stand out as something important to the person.

I will share how understanding of the universe can be gained. Everything I examine and check as much as necessary until I clear the slightest doubt. If I have hesitations, I just do not accept it.

I do not pretend that my ideas are true and righteous. It has happened to me once and for all to reject some of my thoughts when I realized it was not in line with reality. I am accustomed to constantly being open to foreign viewpoints and often subject my views to tests and experiments. This is the way to get as close as possible to the correct interpretation of reality.

It is best to first examine those topics that arise from themselves. The starting points I suggest are rather like a wind. As something secondary, which is not a priority, and can always wait for it only to appear in the mind. The reasoning I share will be most helpful when a question is mature and answers are already being sought. Then the information can best be analyzed and checked. Everything is meaningfully the same and describes the same thing – the UNIVERSE.

When a person postpones his thoughts on a matter that excites him, he continues to seek answers to other levels of consciousness. And someday comes to the explanation. He begins to realize and to understand.

People are increasingly listening to the science of blindness without exploring the foundations on which it builds. Nowadays more knowledge is tolerated than understanding. Consumer empowerment is becoming increasingly rooted in the different aspects of our society.

I will try to share only the ideas that have completely resisted my past exams and checks, which of course does not mean that they are a 100% reflection of the truth.

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